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    "I’m going on a full promotional mission as soon as we’re done with the videos you have helped me create. We’ve built up quite the following on Facebook and I can target advertise all over the country, which I’ll do.   We have an event we’re doing on June 2, so we’re moving in the right direction and have a marketing plan, very exciting.   Thanks for all you do Jeannette, and your valuable input, we truly appreciate your expertise." Jim Linkin Christian Singer Songwriter     Celebrate and Create Your Marketing Plan for Your CD Release ALL in On Place...



Promotional Videos & Audition Videos
Having A Promotional Video Is Now An Industry Requirement!
Do You Need A Quality Promotional Video?
Do You Need A Booking Agent?
Do You Need Gigs?
Do You Want To Secure A Career In The Music Industry?
Your Website Should Also Feature Your Video!
Check Out the following videos shot at our studio.
Promotional and Audition Video Packages
Solo artists starting at $350 (1 camera, 1 vocal & backtrack)
solo artist artist with an instrument starting $550
Duo (3 CAMERA,  VOCAL, & instrument) Starting at $650
3-5 Piece Bands Starting at $750 -$1,200
6 Piece Bands or more starting at $950 to $1,500
To watch samples of our videos please click on our youtube channel at the top right hand corner of our page.