Jody Gray is one of those people you meet that are so talented, it's hard to fathom. Not only did he record the entire CD, but he played drums, bass, guitar, and added backing vocals. He is brilliant and humble, a rare combination. I'm sure if we had decided on a tuba solo, he would have said "no problem"! I will be forever amazed at what he helped us accomplish. He is co-owner of Pro Star recording studios in St Petersburg, Florida. He, along with co-owner Jeannette Goldman and engineer Ken Thomas, run an incredible operation, thanks to all of you!
          “What a great place, my voice over went smoothly and I loved your memorabilia wall of album art it made me think of my younger days and my siblings music collections”. Jen Holloway has an extensive and diverse career in news broadcasting, voiceovers, commercials, infomercials and modeling.   "Heartfelt thanks to Jody Gray, the musical genius the Lord has blessed you with is only surpassed by your humble and beautiful spirit, you are a special man, helping so many bring their music to life. Thanks to Pro Star , Jeannette goldman and Ken Thomas, for your support and kindness, walking through the door always makes me smile." Jim Linkin, Christian Singer Songwriter   Thank you Jody and Ken for just about everything that has to do with the recording process and Jeannette for keeping us focused. Jack Van Oss, Singer Songwriter   “Jody thanks for your patience and expertise. I asked you to do the unthinkable, thread and mesh my home studio recordings with my sessions I did at PRO STAR. Your engineering skills and guidance made the project a reality. Thanks for all your efforts.” Sarasota Slim Blues Guitarist   “This is a cool studio and the vocals and the small percussion sounds in your isolated vocal booth was what I was looking to capture” Grammy Award Winning Legendary Producer Jack Douglas. (John Lennon, Aerosmith, Cheap Trick and NY Dolls).   “Hey Jeannette! I just wanted to tell you how wonderful it was to record at your studio. I got a lot of really good feedback from people and wanted to tell you that I think you guys did an amazing job. Jody was really great to work with. He definitely knows his stuff.” Luisa F. Calle Library Specialist & Singer Songwriter   “Deb Hunseder threw her CD release party at PRO STAR Sound Stage, an intimate listening room with a Top Flight Sound System.” Eric Snider – Creative Loafing   “To Jody & Jeannette, You Both Rock, thanks for a great recording and mix. Your studio has a great sound and vibe…” Jim Mason- Recording artist, song writer (co-wrote I dig Rock-n-Roll Music a hit for Peter, Paul & Mary) and back-up vocalist for such artists as John Lennon and Alice Cooper. Produced platinum albums for Fire Fall and worked on numerous projects with Eagles Bassist Timothy B. Schmit.   “Thank you Jody & Jeannette for your talent, your professionalism, and your encouragement” Lorna Bracewell- PRO STAR recording Artist who has opened up for distinguished names such as Amy Grant, Sarah Mclachlan, Dar Williams, and Patty Larkin.   “Jody Gray and Jeannette Goldman, owners of PRO STAR, thank you for your support, generosity and lunches. Jody I couldn’t of done it without you and I now know I wouldn’t have wanted to. Thanks for pushing me off the cliff ever so gently.” PRO STAR Recording Artist Deb Hunseder   “Hi Tyler I want to wish you all the best with your new CD. Jody and Jeannette from PRO STAR sent me a copy of what we did. I listened to each song about 20 times one night. I had a great time working on the project with you and think you are a very talented young man. To PRO STAR I want to say that you bring out the best out of person and I mean myself as well as Tyler”. Jim Terry Owner of Jim Terry Music in Palm Harbor, Florida.   “I just wanted to thank you again for hosting us last weekend. We were thoroughly impressed by the facilities, but also by your professionalism, efficiency, and genuine kindness. It’s so nice to play places where they make it a point to value the artists.” Sarah Mac-from The Sarah Mac Band.   “At the helm Chief Engineer Jody Gray and Studio Manager Jeannette Goldman are always available to make it happen and committed to the Tampa Bay Music Scene” Al Alvarez, Chapter President of Just Plain Folks.