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A Video Demo Is Your Primary Sales Tool For Landing A Gig That Pays Well


Creating A Successful Video Demo Is Key In Today’s Music and Entertainment Industry.


Increase your chances for professional success!


A well-constructed video demo with exceptional examples is often the key to getting a gig.

Keep in mind those hiring performers have a very limited amount of time to review your demo. They will likely only want to see samples that pertain to the type of music and entertainment they are hiring for.

At Pro Star we make sure your demo positions you well for potential opportunities.


Demo videos that  were shot by Pro Star




 6 Tips For Creating An Engaging Video Demo

~ MAKE SURE YOU LEAD WITH YOUR STRONGEST MATERIAL-You only have a few seconds to grab the viewer’s attention.

~ KEEP IT SHORT- A video demo should highlight YOUR BEST work, and probably not be a sampling of everything you’ve ever done. One of the main tasks of a video editor is to be able to show your talent in a condensed amount of time. If you ask 10 different editors how long a  video demo should be you may get 10 different opinions… but there’s one pretty consistent comment, KEEP IT SHORT.

~ INCLUDE YOUR NAME AND CONTACT INFORMATION-Stick to your basic contact info:  name, email and website. Your demo is worthless if the viewer doesn’t-have a way to contact you.

~ HIGHLIGHT IMPRESSIVE CLIENTS -Got an impressive client list, use it to your advantage! Just like highlighting your skills, this is important too.

~ QUALITY CONTROL- Check spelling, check for technical errors (glitches, noise, etc.), check for audio mistakes and then check again! Nothing will have your demo reel headed for the wastebasket faster than a few misspellings or an unintentional jump in the video.

~ ONLINE- ALL THE TIME- Your demo should be online and easily accessible. Upload it to a video sharing site in a flash! When someone is hiring in a hurry the ability to quickly send over a link, may mean a better chance at getting a job.

A video demo might seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be.

Keep it simple and CALL PRO STAR TODAY-727- 526-0446 let us help you increase your chances for professional success!!!