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birthday_photo_high_definitionSo many special days, memorable days, remarkable days, milestones comes and goes in your child’s life, but those days never counts like their BIRTHDAY counts!

Celebrate your little rock star’s birthday at Pro Star with our unique party package.

The guest of honor and their guests will enter the recording studio where they will sing one pre-selected song of the your child’s choosing. With the help of our party “studio staff” and a professional sound engineer.

The group will be recorded and be in a video with the guest of honor.

After a fun recording and video session, your guests will celebrate in our  studio party space with whatever choice of treats, and beverages you would like to provide.

The guest of honor also gets to record a song of their choice in the studio’s vocal booth recorded by the chief engineer. This vocal session will also be part of the video and birthday package.

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Corporate Events At The Studio – Corporate Team Builder

Celebrate your Next event at Pro Star!

If you are looking for a fun and unique experience to bring your team together, turn our recording studio into your office for the day.  Our recording studio is the perfect destination for your team to kick back and unleash their inner rock stars amongst co-workers.

Watch your team come to life when they step inside our recording studio and belt out their favorite songs with co-workers.

Our studio event staff can work with you to design an agenda that works specifically for your team and what you are looking to accomplish. Equipped with tables, chairs, TV and a mini kitchen with a fridge, microwave and prep area, you can start the day with a team breakfast and meeting or end with cocktails and appetizers. We will build the event around your company needs.

All events can accommodate up to 75 people.

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Adults Only- Party Package


Our recording studio is the perfect setting for a lively crew that loves to sing.

You bring your guests and we provide the karaoke.

Your crew will sing their hearts out karaoke style while feeling like the next pop

band as our studio engineers capture the tunes and record your voices in real time.

Whether you are celebrating a special birthday, anniversary, bachelorette party

or just looking for a unique night out with friends, music makes any party come to life.

This experience is an authentic and memorable event that only Pro Star can provide.

Our main room can accommodate sit down dinner to casual passed hors devours.

The space can be branded with any event theme or decorative elements to enhance your guest experience.

For more information about our event party room

call us TODAY- 727-526-0446

Bands And Musicians

Our Holiday Recording Studio Gift Certificate



Need a unique, memorable gift idea for someone special?


Pro Star has been helping beginners and professionals to record music for 14 years!

If you have a loved one who has always dreamed of recording their music in a Professional Recording Studio, Pro Star can help you make that dream a reality!

We will be happy to answer all your questions and we can arrange gift certificates, studio tours, plan a recording session, figure out what is an appropriate amount of time to give, etc…

Recording packages start at $180 for simple starter projects and can be customized for full rock bands, songwriters, rappers, singers etc.

Please call or email with any questions if you’d like to explore the possibilities and consider this one of a kind holiday gift idea.

Turn Your Band and Music Into a Visual Reality!

Videos are important communication tools, useful to promote your music and band and makes you capable of reaching a wide range of people.

That is why our videos are shot in HD and with the use of 4 cameras,  special effects directly created in our editing room and studio, where we also offer Green Screen capabilities.



You must communicate with YOUR potential AUDIENCE if you want your band to get hired.

In today’s competitive music environment to get gigs, you need a marketing video!


A video on the web/youtube is not only the best instrument for getting your band hired it also allows you to build relationships with potential clients, venues, clubs and booking agents.




Our MISSION, to get your band better-paying gigs and improve your communication with your clients by designing a quality video so that each person viewing becomes your client.


Channeling your energies through video gives you the opportunity to get in front of a HUGE audience!




You may think investing in a video is not worth it. But you’re wrong!

Depending on the size of your band and the fee you charge to perform, you can make back the investment in one or two gigs.

Almost every day we get phone calls from bands wanting to shoot marketing videos to get better paying gigs.


It makes a lot of sense to invest in your band if you want to grow, make decent money and perhaps even quit your day job.

Don’t wait any longer if your band is talented and has the professional skills to be on stage call us today and we can go over our prices and services.



Competition is fierce give your band the opportunity to compete!


Pro Start Video Services helps you to communicate immediately and in a visually appealing way.


Today it becomes more and more important to invest in visibility and communication. We realize the impact of a customized  video, both graphic and visual, with the aim to draw positively the attention of those watching them.


Our experience in shooting, editing, and professionalism in the creation of texts and creativity in marketing allows us to design and produce  videos ensuring professional results to suit your band and music needs.

Call us  TODAY for further information on the services that we offer or request a consultation.





Danielle in iso booth

If you are a solo artist, don’t have a band and want to record your songs with one.

If you’ve never written a song and want to learn how.



Our years of experience are at your disposal.














Jody Gray, our resident engineer/ producer/ musician, and studio owner will work closely with you to shape and sculpt your songs…to help you capture them just the way you imagined.



054 hodge poge vaca studio family friends 1266

If you need assistance in writing lyrics or creating the music Jeannette Goldman, our in-house music instructor/lyrist/ musician/ songwriter and studio owner will be at your disposal. She has been writing and co-writing for over 30 years in all different styles of music.

If you need us to add instruments to your songs, ask us about our in-house musician discount fee offered only to solo artists.

Displaying 20160714_193241.jpgRebecca























There is no need to worry about finding musicians to play on your songs. We will do whatever it takes to help you bring your songs to life.

Record Your Original Songs With A Band

Check out the before and after samples of actual clients below:


Before track

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

The final track, after instruments and finishing by PRO STAR

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.


Before track

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

The final track, after instruments and finishing by PRO STAR

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Recording Your Originals With a Full Band Sound!

How It Works

Pre-production with Producer/Engineer Jody Gray

The record making process always starts with Pre-Production planning.

This is where we work with you to plan your song or project in detail from start to finish so that you understand the process completely and we can address any concerns or issues well before you start recording.

Our approach to Pre-Production is to give you expert guidance based on decades of experience, care, and attention.

Another part of the Pre-Production process is meeting with you to decide on the song(s) and set appropriate Key signatures [The key that you will sing in]. We also decide tempos and refine the style and feel of the songs.

Production Session:

This is where the fun begins.

All the Pre-Production is done, and now we can all enjoy making your song(s) together.

Under the watchful eye of Jody Gray, you will record your scratch vocal and the rhythm track.

Next: Jody will add instruments such as Drums, Bass, Keyboards, and Guitars, small percussion both electric and acoustic, adding solos and overdubs. We also have a roster of musicians that play various instruments other than the above selections or styles. There will be an additional charge if you need a musician for hire outside of the realm of what we can provide.

You’re welcome to bring in your musicians as well!

Next: We Record Lead and Background Vocals.

This should be very relaxed, and there will be lots of time to experiment. Jody will be on hand every step of the way to encourage and guide you through your vocal sessions.

Note: We always recommend that you rehearse your vocals ahead of time. Preparation is everything in the recording, and if you take the time to learn the songs well and practice your vocals, you will be more relaxed and ready for your big moment in front of the microphone.

 Once all the recording is finished, and vocals are done, we can start mixing. Mixing is the process where we combine all the recorded elements and process them accordingly to create your finished master, and this will be two of our experienced engineers.

Mastering is the final part of the record making process and adding the final polish to your finished master mixes.

Only when you are completely satisfied, we will supply either a final CD Production Master or a CD Image File. Both of these formats can be used to duplicate your final CD at home, or, they can be sent to a replication plant to produce your glass master for pressing CDs for commercial sale or promotional services.

To get this package, we ask for a 50% deposit 14 – 21 days before your actual session so you can be put on the schedule and the remaining deposit the day of your first session.







Audio Book Recording





The Book Comes Alive In Audio

We offer professional recording for audio books, e-books, narrations that are converted into high-quality MP3 files, ready and compatible with all the Audio Book marketing websites,,, iTunes, etc.

Audio Books are produced for the Listeners!  It’s the Listeners that we must impress.










The most important factor when recording your audio book is how much-unwanted noise gets onto the final recording. You want as little as you can get. The recording environment plays a large part in this.

The main advantage of using a professional studio with proper recording rooms over a home studio is there will be very little unwanted noise in the recording, making a more intelligible, pleasant and engaging listening experience.

Our studio recording booth is sound-sealed to significantly reduce or stop outside sounds getting recorded at the same time as the audio that you want, and that’s what differentiates them from your home environment.


That is why it’s vital that you do it in a professional studio in an isolation booth with the right microphone and an experienced engineer.

pictures for web 023



If you have any questions about recording your audio book, please give us a call. We have years of experience, and we’ll guide you through the entire process step by step.

How Long Does It Take To Produce A High-Quality Audio Book?

It’s very difficult to estimate the exact time.

It will depend on the number of words that are being recorded and the experience of the voice over talent  who will be speaking those words.

Below is the audio book process it will give you an idea of what takes place from start to finish.

Recording- The voice of a single professional voice talent.

Editing- The cleanup of the spoken words

Mixing/Mix-down- Without music or sound /With music or sound at the intro, between chapters and at the end.



Pro Star Recording Caters To A Range Of Musicians

Pro star's services logo







What Makes Pro Star The Right Studio For Your Band

Our Great-Sounding Live Room


main room recording 1

Being in the same space with your band mates is the best way to feed off each other’s energy.

Our perfectly sound proof room captures your music the way you want your audience to hear it!


Gone are the days of recording with a click track and laying down drums first.


We still do it that way, just not that often.


We give you the opportunity to record on or off our concert stage.


main room recording 1.jpg2.jpg3

main room recording 1.jpg4












You Need A Good-Sounding Live Room To Get Good Sounding Drums

Church & School Choirs Capture A Bigger Sound


A drummerchurch group A Great Place To Shoot Your Demo Video



peyton and Steele

main room recording 1.jpg2










Whatever feels the most comfortable is always going to give you the best results!


At Pro Star The Focus Is On YOU


Listen to what Wynonna and husband drummer  Michael Scott “Cactus” Moser, say about

recording in a live room with their band.


Rent Our Studio



Celebrate your Next event at Pro Star!


songwriting video 004





Rent Our Studio   

Special events become even more special when you host them at Pro Star!  From music to private events, celebrations, and corporate functions Pro Star will make your event a truly memorable experience for you and your guests. Pro Star is proud to open its doors to individuals and organizations interested in renting our facility for events.  We offer a variety of packages to help make planning your event easier.

Event Types:

Pro Star is an ideal location for music events, celebrations, corporate functions, business conferences, fundraisers, community gatherings, film viewings and private engagements.

Have Your CD RELEASE At Pro Star Sound Stage!

.jpgScoobs cd release

A CD Release Event will help make the most of the limited opportunity you have when releasing a new album.

If you are an independent musician or band and have a new CD coming out, you need to promote the heck out it!

A CD release party or show is an excellent way to kick off your promotion.

Pro Star is the perfect venue for BUSINESS Conferences, Meetings, Celebrations, and Seminars.

We are well aware of the impact a successful event can have on your employees.



Clients have included:

The Go Go’s, Discover Channel, Dali Museum, 

Regions Bank, CASA, Habitat for Humanity and Alan Freed Productions.  


Videographers and Photographers


The studio is available anytime day/night weekdays.

Weekends it is generally booked out so advance notice is required.

PRO STAR Studio and Venue is available for one day or up to a week.

We will deliver exactly the kind of entertainment experience you desire.




Our Studio:
Our 2,200 sq. ft. Studio is conveniently located just minutes from I-275 and US-19 in N. St. Petersburg.
Our main room comfortably seats up to 80 people with a capacity of 100 people.
Parking is available at our facility and surrounding streets.
2 Bathrooms
Prep Area
Movable Small Bar
6 Banquet Tables

Pro Star reserves the right to prohibit any event that may involve potential personal liability, property damage, community disruption or may otherwise be deemed to be contrary to the stated mission of. An adult must accompany children in attendance.


The cost of renting our studio starts at $500 for minimum of 4 hours.

The cost is determined on a case by case basis and is influenced by date, marketing, needed amenities etc. 

Payment is required upon booking your event. Payment may be made by cash, personal or company check, money order, VISA, MasterCard, or Discover Card. There is a $35 fee for returned checks.

Thank you for considering Pro Star as a location for your event!





In House Digital Mastering



Mastering Your Music Is The Last Professional Stage Of Creativity That Will Improve The Quality Of Your songs



If you’re getting ready to release a single, make sure you get the song mastered.


⇒Mastering your songs will make them POP on a CD player, the radio, in the club, and internet.


⇒When you want your songs to compete head-to-head against major label releases, 

11796240-music-mixing-online-with-the-mix-factorymastering can make the difference in giving your music the edge over your competition.


⇒If you want your music taken seriously you need to master your songs.


⇒All major record labels have their music mastered, and most songs you hear on the radio, iTunes, and Spotify are mastered.


⇒This process also allows the engineer to pump up the volume of your songs so they’re as hot as can be and sound unbelievable.


⇒And when mastering an entire CD a skillful mastering engineer can unify your songs by the use of EQ, gain, and compression. It will give it a consistent sound from track to track. This is especially important when you are seeking a label, management or venue to listen to your music.



You Need To Master Your Single


cropped-pictures-for-web-050.jpgAt Pro Star you get the professional sound you want at an affordable cost.


Our engineers have done work for countless artists, from the Tampa Bay area. And now you have the chance to take advantage of our in-house mastering services.

We can prepare your tracks so you get the optimum sound when selling or putting out for airplay.


The mastering engineer can:

⇒Higher the overall level.

⇒Even out levels and EQ individual song tracks for cohesion.board mastering

⇒Fix minor mix deficiencies with equalization.

⇒Enhance flow by changing the space between tracks.

⇒Remove noises between tracks.

⇒Make your music sound it’s best on any sound system.


Give Pro Star the opportunity to give your single the sound it deserves!