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We are a professional recording and video studio with a comfortable atmosphere for the professional and novice musician to come back time and time again.


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 How To Create A Comprehensive Portfolio And Capitalize On Your Music?

 Here are some tips and tricks to help you.

Gone are the days of the Myspace music page where you can list all of your music, events and accomplishments.

Whether you are approaching a major label, indie label, booking agent, venue, club owner or entertainment lawyer, they will require you to have everything planned out and presentable.

Do you have amazing sounding recordings of your best songs?

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In today’s competitive music industry you need a recording that doesn’t sound like you recorded a home demo.

Every recording project, that comes out of our studio is always way more than just a song demo. It is a master quality radio ready recording that can compete in today’s music industry.

Even though we may refer to it with terms such as, songwriter demos, song demo, demo recording, music demo, etc. A professional radio ready recording speaks volumes on how seriously and passionate you are about your music.

Do you have a sharp professional video on YouTube?

A video is not only about giving a visual to go along with your music but it also showcases your stage presence. Can you draw in the audience? Can you keep their attention? Are you trendy? A video does so much more than just show your vocal abilities.


Pro Star can transform your music into something unbelievably great.

We offer affordable video services to take your music one step further!

Pro Star Recording and Video Studio Can Help You Create A Comprehensive Portfolio. Call TODAY 727-526-0446

Here are some tips and tricks to help you.

Twitter click count its quality over quantity. Having 1,000+ follower’s means nothing if no one in your followers list is in the industry or has any influence to help with your career.

Create a Facebook fan page, comments and likes are important.

LinkedIn is the easiest and most efficient way to get in contact with industry leaders and the ones who will have the best advice and guidance.

Website/Blog is must, you need a centralized place to show case all of your accolades.

It’s ok to walk into a record label stating that your music is good but it’s better to have proof. This is where the importance of the comment sections, on your various social networks comes into play. Any comment you receive on your YouTube page or Facebook fan page screen cap them to add to your site so you have a centralized place to show your accomplishments.

It’s best to create a new post for each song you are trying to showcase.

Start off with a short background of the song make sure to identify the songwriters, composers and producers if possible.Someone will want to know who had a hand in creating the song. 

The site/blog serve as an online resume for all of your music; a site that holds all the information necessary to get your music out there and more importantly taken seriously!

We are here to help you take your music career to the level it deserves!

A quote from one of our current clients-

“Want to give a round of applause and praise to PRO STAR Recording and Video Studio for making us sound like we know what we are doing Thanks to Jody Gray and Jeannette Goldman for the time, patience, and skill. You guys rock! Looking forward to finishing new tunes with you guys in 2014″.- Gabe from Hope Darling

PRO STAR is more than just a recording and video studio!

One of a few studios in the country that actually has it’s own venue inside. We rent our space for CD release parties, music events, video and photo shoots, and business functions.

IMG_0301 Please visit Pro Star Recording and Video Studio’s website!

 Feel free to give us a call to discuss your project and goals….727-526-0446